Delivered in a bag mid winter 2022

Standard fastenings

fits perfect to the

Saiman gunwale

2.5 hp aircold


oar for steering

or propelling

by wricking

Outriggers lasercut

in 8mm





180 degr.Turnable outriggers

Skatebord trucks.

Suspension tighten

to max. Works good.

Square oak ribs

stainless rails

Ashore where Hans and Peder might have

landed 270 years ago

270 years ago came with a Norwegian fishing boat  two Dutch brothers Peder Dycke and Hans Wilker.

They were good fishermen and soon got jobs at Swedish fishing boats.

After a couple of years they had resources to build two small houses one for each brother.

They found a place at a small island Årholmen (Oar island) in the Skagerrak.

The two Dutch brothers probably approach their new place by rowing there.

Brother Bengt and myself  are related to Peder and Hans.

Wi will follow their track and also row  there with the Tehri Saiman and get the feeling of being close to our ascendant relatives.


Rowing from Hälleviksstrand island Orust to Årholmen Island 

After two hours of rowing aproaching Årholmen 

Brother Bengt who have the gift to get intouch with the past contemplating to hopfully get a sign from way back when. Bengt had a vision of a man and a women in dark clothing. They let know that they had a tough life and had to trade for water from nearby Hermanö.

Two brothers Rolf  and Bengt visiting their related brothers Hans and Peder 

The site where the Dutch brothers build their houses

Terhi Saiman electric/rowing hybrid

650 W

Battery 12V 80 Ah

3 speed forward

3 speed backwords

Remoute control

On Off

           USB                       Bilge pump       

If you just like a still  and silent trolling speed